Pysical CharacteristicsEdit

  • Arcanine #059
  • Arcanine #059
  • Arcanine #059
Arcanine is a quadruped, canine-like Pokémon that resembles the mythical Ryukyuan Shisa (a cross between a lion and a dog). Its head is covered in a cream-colored hair, except for the region around its eyes and ears, which is orange. Its body is a combination of the same orange fur with black stripes and completely black fur on its belly. It also has patches of cream-colored fur on its chest, legs, and tail, resembling smoke. Its paws each have three toes and a round pink paw pad underneath. Two fangs are seen when its mouth is closed.


Arcanine are prized Pokémon, admired due to many people thinking of it as beautiful and regal. Arcanine has been depicted to stash food (such as Pecha Berries) in the voluminous fur of its mane, fishing the food out for its Growlithe youngsters to eat at its nest.


Arcanine live in active volcanoes, grassy plains, and scorched fields heated by geothermal energy. They have also been depicted to live in mountains. It is found within the same range that Growlithe are found, which includes Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Fiore, Almia and China.

Major appearances in animeEdit

Gary Oak has an Arcanine that was first seen in The Battle of the Badge battling Giovanni. He used it later to help him in the Extreme Pokémon Race in Extreme Pokémon! against Ash's Bayleef and various other Pokémon.

Evolution chartEdit

Growlithe ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Arcanine

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