Physical CharacteristicsEdit

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Aipom have a big smile that steaches almost to its eyes along with oval ears and ear insides. Aipom resemble a purple monkey, they havea light tan coloring on the inside of its ears, feet, stumach, face, and tail. with beige color on their face, ear insides, belly, feet and tail. Its hands are not real useful to it because they have no fingers. The most noticed fact about the Aipom is its three-fingered hand on the end of its tail. Aipom uses its tail a ton so its arms are not as funtionable. Aipom use their tail for many other uses as to pick fruit, cling to tree branches, and use objects.


Aipom are pesky and mischievous " borrowers ", who even find enjoyment in others calamities. They can be fun loving but hyper Pokémon. Coiling them around branches, Aipom use their as safety lines while they sleep.


Usually found in a tree, Aipom prefer densily forested habitats.

Major appearances in animeEdit

A number of Aipom appeared in Slaking Kong. One of them stole Ash's hat. In Channeling the Battle Zone, Ash captured the aforementioned Aipom. Her behavior is similar to that of Ash's Chikorita, being attention-seeking, very naughty at times and occasionally jealous. However, she has now developed a close bond with Ash. In Throwing the Track Switch, he traded her to Dawn for Buizel because Aipom had a love of competitions and Buizel was more interested in Gyms. Aipom evolved into Ambipom in Journey to the Unown! while battling the attacking Unown.

Evolution chartEdit

Aipom ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Ambipom

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