Physical Characteristics

  • Abra #063
  • Abra #063
  • Abra #063
The Abra, a cat or fox like Pokémon has two short ears, a tail, and its two eyes, located at the center of the face, are often shown closed. A gold coloring covers its entire body exept for a lighter pach surrounding the mouth and nose and a destinctive brown band one-third of the way down its thick tail. This Pokémon's two shoulder pad shaped pieces above the arms, along with a short chest piece, makes it look like it has armor on. As seen in its future evolved forms, each hand is trifingered, but with the Abra's being shorter and fatter. Its two tritoed legs have one toe on either side on the anterior aspect and one centered posteriorly at the ankle.


Sleep is imparitive to the Abra, inadequate amounts result in inteferences with abilities like teleportation and telekinetics, it maintains 18 hours of sleep daily. Of note is the fact that Abra can attack even in sleep, but usually chooses to teleport for escape instead. Abra is also known to make illusional copies of itself when randomly teleporting. Surveillance has shown that Abra change their setting every hour using teleport.


Known to be in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. Abra seem to like dilapidated, deserted buildings near humans, generally urban in make up. These facts make their distribution very widespread.

Major appearances in anime

The Gym Leader of Saffron City, Sabrina, had an Abra that later evolved into a Kadabra in Abra and the Psychic Showdown.

Evolution Chart

Abra ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Kadabra ) ) ) ) ) ) Alakazam

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